do you ever just want to drag your face across a brick wall because

this tweet exists

get your head out of your ass

idk but if harry and louis are blocking hardcore larry shippers on twitter how the hell does that mean they’re trying to cover something up lmao if anything it says they dont fucking like people being like that 

louis and eleanor last november in tokyo +

louis and eleanor last november in tokyo +

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Harry in Miami ↳ part 1


louis has a girlfriend
a girlfriend

always relevant 

Hi! I'm new to the 1D fandom and while I ship them all as a bromance, I'm kind of conflicted about Larry as a romance. So I've been talking to Larry shippers and they give some pretty hardcore evidence. I'm just wondering, if it's not too much of a bother, can you give me the other side of the story, coming from an Elounor shipper? As in, Elounor proof? I'm just really curious about this. Thank you!

ok bae no problem

i like this post 

and this one SLAYS

take a look

im back

Viewer Discretion Is Advised No. 4

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stop trying to make larry happen 


Stop comparing Tom Daley with Louis, in fact, stop comparing every gay person recently out of the closet, or every gay,  with Harry and Louis.

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me @ all of you

my crush should be honored that i like him bc i have really high standards and if i have a crush on you that means i think ur perfection so










Articles in Heat Magazine about how the fans could be the reason One Direction break up (better format)

most relevant thing to happen to this fandom. must must must read for everyone  

it’s all fun and games until it’s not

It really bugs me to see how badly they’re being affected by this. It seems so goddamned stressful.

that sucks. ya see fandoms??

and people always tell me ‘it never hurts anyone, it’s all for fun! no one ever gets hurt’ which is a load of bullcrap.

This is relevant to any fandom who has REAL people involved in REAL lives, such as people who continuously ship Jensen Ackles/Misha Collins and write fanfictions even though they’re both happily married. 

Please don’t write fanfictions about real people. Please don’t draw fanart of REAL PEOPLE.

That’s creepy as hell and RUDE because you’re objectifying those people to meet your own needs and you’re fetishizing them. Don’t. Do. That.

this is not in any way related to my blog but I’d like my followers to read this.

Read this. And STOP being creepy.

I usually never reblog 1D stuff on here, but this is so true, sadly.

ayyy relevant bc bitch in my ask

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